Gaz Bag козырь Kozyr’— The Hydrocarbons Snatch

Don and Dad

Anyone who really wanted to get to the bottom of what “Russia” is up to would have to understand a certain Mr. Dugin’s “work” and his relationship with fellow mouth-frother Steve Bannon. This would be something along the lines of an expanded “Managed Democracy” alignment run along essentially hierarchic organised crime lines, if they can pull that one off by dumping social democracy. This hoped for new “Eurasian Alliance” might incorporate much of Eastern Europe (mainly the old Austro-Hungarian territories) and perhaps in their dreams even Germany.

Dugin’s ludicrous but horror-filled book “Foundation of Geopolitics” and the Rees-Mogg Senior book from late 1997 “The Sovereign Individual” really show you what these men want for their brand new authoritarian, Caucasian Proto-Fascist state. This is no joke or drill, nor is this concept in the interests of the average northern English UKIP voter or mid-West American who lost his job, part of his life and self-respect and has become extraordinarily resentful and angry about that.

It would be quite something to see Alexy Dugin and Billy Rees-Mogg having tea and cakes together in Kensington, or Leningrad, or even Vienna, when they have succeeded in their enterprises. Probably quite some cross-fertilisation of ideas.

Racist, backwards looking, excessively masculine, brutal, anti-democratic, against freedom-of-speech, misogynistic, Jihadic war against Islam, some holiday camps (sound familiar?). All not very lovely proto-fascist. Just the sort of proud story to tell the grandchildren.

Some speak blandly of “Civil War”, like the truly terrible and mad Dugin, as does the slightly less terrible but equally mad Bannon. These men shall not get their blood. They always speak a lot about blood these sorts. Never theirs.

This was a last gasp of terrible old people and has started to be over. Dugin and Bannon are actually the “tools” of a much worse group of people for whom the bumbling old Trumpy has always been a disposable item.

“Who benefits from ole GazBag Kozyr doing these things”

It has been happening for a few years now: Attempts at breaking up the EU, busting NATO alliances, attempted humiliation of America. Who benefits. See the pattern.

Gaz Bag Kozyr being The Orangina of course. Kozyr being the Russkie for Trump. GAZ being the defining operative word, for sure, leading to the following objectives:

  • Having an in-place Manchurian useful idiot whose major favourable diplomatic actions and decisions have been readable like a playbook for 2 years;
  • Reimposition of the JCPOA Persian nuclear sanctions and why this is in the short term to be made acceptable to the Persians as it reduces their oil exports;
  • Force the exodus of European oil companies from all development assistance of both the southern Iranian Basrah oil fields and eventually theKurdish northern fields;
  • An eventual dropping of all the Magnitsky Act sanctions to allow full hydrocarbons development throughout the Arctic rim;
  • Encouragement of the Saudi-Qatari diplomatic “spat”, engineered to appear to force Doha closer to Tehran, again make US look stupid, moving Saudis more into neutral territory;
  • A blind eye to be turned to likely Basra mega-oilfield takeovers by Iran, once Syria has become controllable and in some degree of calm;
  • Maintenance of twin impetus behind funding and support for the 2015–2016 initiated Syria and Niger-centred south-Saharan people-trafficked refugee “swarms”, temporarily curtailed;
  • Manage Astana secret agreement on (a) South Pars (Iranian) pipeline gas through Turkey and (b) Future Qatar North LNG sailed south to SE Asian markets;

If one believes, as some do, that Gaz Bag is essentially and remarkably being “run” as an asset by the old Grey Ghoul Blini Boys, with the blessing of certain badly corrupted Republican parties in The Land of The Free/Home of Brave, the longer question, if one really does have to be more explicit, would be something along the following lines, which includes a major assumption:

The Rapidly Bankrupting (both) RU Gas Station and Kingdom of The Prince of Saud are jointly controlling and driving up the world oil price, primarily as a result of the dropping of the carefully built JCPOA nuclear sanctions, whilst It appears European oil majors and governments are unwilling or simply not prepared to help out and have essentially left Iran.

This situation raises two question/issues:

(a) How long will Tehran have been informed the price drive will run for beyond the point where all North American and European oil majors and service companies are out of the region and what will Moskva have offered in return?

(b) Who was it that benefited from the “Deal” where 19.5% of Rosneft was sold to the Qatar Investment Authority via an unknown shell co. in the Caymans in return for Qatari complicity in the fabricated dispute between Doha and the Saudis last year. This allowed Qatar to appear to be distancing itself from Riyadh and cosying up to Tehran somewhat. That substantial “commission” essentially being a fee for services rendered.


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